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View your friends’ stories without getting caught. It’s simple, free and anonymous.
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View anonymously

You can view the stories anonymously without anyone knowing. Just type in your username et voilĂ  .. done!

It's super safe is easy to use and safe. Nobody will find you, ever! Do not you believe it? Try viewing your own story or post.

You can download contents

Cool! You can also download stories and posts. Press and hold on the image or video and save it to your phone to do it.

What can I do on

View stories anonymously

Type the name, press search and ... that's all! Instapeek shows you the stories posted in the last 24 hours from the account you searched for

Look at people's posts

Don't have Instagram ™? From our site you can see the latest posts published and save them on your device!

Download contents for free

You can download them from both phone and computer. To do this, just hold down on the image or click with the right button

Watch highlights stories

Do you also want to see the featured stories? Yes you can! Look for the username, we do the rest.

How can I use

How to search for instagram stories anonymously while not getting found out

It's easy and anonymous! Here's how to do it

Just type the account username, click on “search” button and just like that you will be able to see all of his or her stories with his or her viewing nothing at all!

Have a try with a VIP account

Cristiano Ronaldo
302 mln followers
View his stories > features in a nutshell is the right site for looking at instagram stories anonymously, with no one realizing or noticing you viewed them.

You don’t need registration, nor to connect with the Instagram official app: to use Instappek you just need to type the name of the account you want to peek. That’s right, you can use it even if you don’t have ANY Instagram account! Just try with Cristiano Ronaldo‘s or Chiara Ferragni‘s account and check how it works!

Don’t believe us? Just post a story and view it through; this view won’t be shown among the ones by people who viewed your story!

How many stories can i view this way? Is there any cap?

About that, you can only view Instagram stories available at the time (posted less than 24 hour before) and story highlights, but not old or expired ones. Just like on Instagram, but anonymously and with no fear of getting caught. And of course, only stories by public profiles: private profiles are still private.

View stories anonymously in just 3 steps:

To view stories you have to:

  1. go to
  2. type the account name in the search bar (be sure to type it correctly, with any special characters, punctuation and scores, and with no blank spaces)
  3. click on the “search” button and…that’s it!

Are you sure it works? Does it?

It works like a charm: just try it! You only need 10 seconds. It’s free, anonymous and quick to do. You don’t have to install any software or wait for any download whatsoever. You just have to type the whole account name correctly (e.g. chiaraferragni), and click “search”. You did it!

How can I really be sure that is actually anonymous?

Here on Instapeek we don’t collect any personal data, and no one will ever know what you have looked for, or whose stories you have viewed. Not the autor of the story, nor us: only you will know who you have viewed, for how long, or how many times. No one else.

Can I also download stories? How can I do it?

Of course you can download stories, both pictures and videos! Once you view a story, you just have to tap on it and hold down, and click “download”. By the way, the process is slightly different whether you’re using Android, iOS or a PC:

  • if you’re with Android, hold down the picture and select “download image”;
  • if you’re with iOS, hold down the picture and select “save image”;
  • if you’re with a PC, right click on it and then “download image”

    Can I see Instagram posts too?

    Actually, yes, you can. Here on Instapeek there is a feature which will allow you to view public posts on Instagram, and download them on your device too!

    Try it now!