What is instapeek.it?

Instapeek.it is the site that allows you to see Instagram™ stories in a completely anonymous, free and simple way. To use it you don’t need to be registered, neither on the site nor on Instagram: just enter our home page and type the username in the search bar. A few seconds later you will see all the stories posted within 24 hours!

If you want you can also view the recent posts of any user who has a public profile. In this case use this page: even there just write the username and that’s it!

Moreover thanks to Instapeek.it you can download photos and videos published on Stories and Posts. Doing so is very easy: when you’re viewing a content, just keep your finger pressed on it and from the menu that opens you will see “Save ..”. Click and download on your pc, smartphone or tablet.

How does instapeek.it work?

First of all you need to know one thing. Instapeek works exclusively with open profiles and public content. The privacy of closed profiles is and will always be guaranteed. We will never be able to access a closed profile: in that case, don’t even ask us, it’s impossible!

That said, to view the stories you need to do 3 simple steps:

  1. visit instapeek.it
  2. type the account name in the appropriate form (make sure you write it correctly, including any dots and dashes and without spaces);
  3. click on search and wait a moment .. done!

That’s all. You don’t need registrations, payments, tests or whatever. It’s really simple and intuitive, isn’t it?

I recommend you to bookmark it 🙂 so every time you need it, you can enter and peek at every profile you want!

Does Instapeek.it really work?

Yeah! Instapeek really works, absolutely. Don’t you believe it? You can do two trials.


To test the instapeek features, post a story on your Instagram profile. Then come here on the site and try to view it: when you return to Instagram you will see that the site absolutely does not appear among the “viewers” of your story.


View the profiles of famous influencers such as Chiara Ferragni, Diletta Leotta, Cristiano Ronaldo or Fedez. How to do that? Look for them through this page or for convenience, click below:

Which stories can I see with this site? Are there any limits?

By the way, you can only see the recent stories (published within the last 24 hours) and the highlights, but not the old or already expired ones. Just like in Instagram, but anonymously and without getting caught. And obviously only public profiles: private profiles remain private.

But are we sure I can do it? Will they find me out? Is it legal?

You can do it, it’s legal and no one will find you out. That’s it.

It is legal because you are only viewing public stories and posts. The very word “publish” a story means to make it public. It is not bound by privacy unless the profile is private. In that case, the protection remains and the posts will not be displayed.

They won’t find out because instapeek is absolutely anonymous. Among other things, to use it we do not ask you for any data or information. You enter it, use it and close it. We will never know who you are or why you use our service! Use it freely … and maybe recommend it to friends 😉

You can do it for the reasons just explained: because you are free to do it and because it is absolutely legal and allowed!

Try instapeek.it now >

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